Selling a home can be very advantageous but at the same time very complex. Doubts, worries, and bureaucratic problems are often discouraging, but by relying on Studio Zampetti you can rest assured that your home is in safe hands. We're not just a real estate agency and we don't intend to be one. Our winning approach is expressed through our ability to manage every negotiation with clarity and professionalism.

The client is always the focus of our work and is given special treatment based on a relationship of mutual trust, transparency, and respect. We try to understand and accommodate every need – even the most extravagant – to offer only custom solutions. Our approach is very similar to that of a tailor. We also try to offer the perfect suit, one that reveals an identity; while a home is less intimate than a piece of clothing, it is equally tailor-made. All with a friendliness and helpfulness that are hard to find anywhere else. Moreover, our references do all the talking: our real estate consultants and the entire team are highly experienced professionals who work seven days a week with maximum flexibility.

Our skill is always finding a satisfying agreement between parties, working only with exclusive contracts. Studio Zampetti offers concrete support from an urban planning, bureaucratic, and esthetic point of view, guiding and protecting its clients through every step of the sale. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The firm can offer the support of trusted lawyers and architects to carry out inspections and check for compliance with urban planning regulations so as to ensure saleability. Only true understanding, no surprises during negotiations. To manage the mediation with the same care and attention that the client would employ him or herself, the firm also organizes customized marketing campaigns.

We know how important communications are today, and this is why we use professional photographers, video makers, and writers to best capture the essence of our buildings. With a dedicated team able to assess the most appropriate channels for the dissemination of content.