For more than 20 years the name of Studio Zampetti has been synonymous with expertise, dedication, and professionalism.

We work in the high-end real estate market, always guided by our mission: making dreams come true and meeting our clients' needs. Always.

We stand out for our exclusive services and for the special relationship that binds us to the many people who come to us every day. We work with insight and responsibility. For this reason, we can proudly say that we are the first NON-agency in Italy. A unique company, where rigorous standards of excellence are backed by strong ethical values.

With this website, Zampetti Studio opens the doors of our Milan office and tells our story with an open heart, inviting you to get to know the philosophy that underlies our work every day. It’s not so much the quality of the work that counts, but rather the quality of the results. Welcome to Zampetti Immobili di Pregio.

Welcome home.


We have always aimed for the highest possible level of quality. Simply stated, we aim for excellence. In fact, we offer a complete service, able to meet every single one of our customers’ needs.

Without fancy words or little white lies, the Zampetti studio is the first NON- agency in Italy, because it deals not only with the research, purchase and sale of valuable properties, but also other fundamental issues. How? Adding new services aimed at taking care of every single phase of the sale from a legal, bureaucratic, and brokerage point of view. Because translating expertise into results also means this: protecting our clients from all the bureaucratic aspects of the deal that begin with the acquisition and end with the sale, with particular attention to the verification of the properties and their management process, all with the utmost respect for privacy and total security. In fact, our team only works with professionals who are specialized in architecture, engineering, and design.

Top experts in their fields from the most important Italian firms, appointed to verify conformity with urban planning and resolve any issues with renovations, compliance, and the property’s improvement.

agenzia immobiliare lusso milano


The key to our success is the same as for our properties: exclusivity. An exclusivity that clients can clearly see in our professionalism, commitment, and focus on excellence. Zampetti Immobili di Pregio selects some of the most luxurious and sought-after housing solutions in Milan’s city center.

Properties with large spaces, unparalleled in style, and surprising for the superior workmanship they display in every detail. Thanks to a diverse, cosmopolitan team, the brand also works internationally, finding the best solutions for clients coming from abroad, but also for those looking for the property of their dreams outside of Italy. Engaged in a visionary journey that has lasted for 20 years, Zampetti Immobili di Pregio has been able to win over numerous “valuable” personalities thanks to its experience and class.

Today the brand boasts a vast network of excellent contacts in the world of politics and the most important firms in the fields of law, entertainment, and fashion, and remains the first call for those looking for a trusted intermediary when selling or buying a home.