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Zampetti Immobili di Pregio


Our philosophy

To establish lasting relationships built upon trust. To achieve our set objectives by operating in an ethical fashion, both transparently and competently, while always ensuring total confidentiality. For over twenty years, Zampetti Immobili di Pregio has based its thinking on this small number of healthy principles.

According to an old saying, “those who spend more spend less”. And this is exactly what we believe too, in the awareness that a significant investment today will be worth twice as much tomorrow.

Because when someone decides to use their money to buy their dream home, it is also the most economical and intelligent way of spending it.

Our offices

Zampetti Immobili di Pregio is based at no. 10 Via Leopardi, on the third floor of an elegant building dating back to 1902. This is one of the most elegant residential areas in central Milan, packed with history and art. It is just a short distance away from some of the city’s top cultural and artistic attractions: the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie that houses Leonardo da Vinci’s wonderful fresco of the Last Supper, the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica, the Triennale, and the Sforzesco Castle with its magnificent Filarete Tower.

The firm’s proximity to Piazza Cadorna is another advantage. The square, which benefits from excellent overground and underground urban and suburban transport connections, underwent a major restyling at the end of the twentieth century, designed by the lady of Italian architecture, Gae Aulenti. It is now home to the giant sculpture Needle, Thread and Knot in the centre, created by the artists Claes Oldenburg and his wife Coosje van Bruggen, to symbolise Milan’s industriousness and hard work, which are so dear to “Zampetti”.

Upon entering the Zampetti Immobili di Pregio premises, visitors find themselves surrounded by a warm and professional atmosphere, with jazz music playing in the background. The spacious customer reception lounge is at the very heart of the studio. The areas leading off it include three meeting rooms and the offices used by the partners and associates. All the spaces have been fully renovated, in keeping with the traditional aesthetic style of the building. Over 800 square meters where you can feel completely at home.

Why entrust your home to us

Selling your home is a delicate operation, packed with pitfalls and worries. By relying on Zampetti Immobili di Pregio’s experience and knowledge of the national and international market, you can be sure that your home is in safe hands.

We will find the best solutions for you, quickly and with the best possible terms.

Our high-level customer portfolio, combined with our personal knowledge and the trust placed in us after years of commitment and excellent results, allow us to guarantee the saleability of your home.

First and foremost, our task is to assist and reassure customers, to provide architectural, bureaucratic, aesthetic and urban planning support, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

Our skill lies in always finding an agreement between the parties, with balance and professionalism, working only with exclusive contracts.


Excellence in the prestigious property sector

We recruit the brightest minds with a pragmatic business sense, an entrepreneurial spirit and a keen sensibility towards the world of luxury.

We are looking for talents who strive for excellence and results. Our associates are provided with all the tools they need to grow and contribute to achieving our vision.

A career at the Studio Zampetti is guaranteed for candidates with these qualities.


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