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Zampetti Immobili di Pregio


Rely on us for your purchase

Consulting Zampetti when looking to buy a home is like entrusting yourself to the very best notary on the market. Our firm is also highly competent when it comes to legal matters and is able to answer all your questions regarding the security of your investment, clearing up any doubts you might have about the quality of the product.

We only offer 100%-guaranteed properties.

Our mediators and architects take care of every step of the buying process, providing all the data and information you need following a detailed inspection of the house. Our customers will never risk encountering unpleasant surprises.

You will find exactly what you’re looking for, without wasting time visiting properties that don’t meet your needs. If your dream home isn’t available, we won’t force you to view other lower quality solutions.

Never rushed, never misleading.

Fabrizio Zampetti


Cristina Casini

Senior Real Estate Consultant

Donatella Matti

Contract Manager

Gianmarco Bizzoni

Human Resources

Glenda Catarame

Senior Real Estate Consultant

Deborah Mascari

Real Estate Consultant

Giorgia Macchion

Real Estate Consultant

Lorenza Argenti

Real Estate Consultant

Lisa Santoro

Real Estate Consultant

Alessandra Cerruti

Office Manager

Chiara Sabino

Office Coordinator

Francesco Avella

Legal Consultant

Gianluca Piroli

Creative Director

Fabio Lo Fria

Training Consultant

Carmen Altamura

PR and Events

Mary Bernocco

Interior Designer

Alessandro Leoni

Senior Real Estate Consultant