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A Team of Professionals



Why seek the services and professional skills of Fabrizio Zampetti? Because he’s a problem solver, just like Saul, the lawyer featured in the original series 'Better Call Saul'.

It’s therefore true to say “Better call Fabrizio”, because he can resolve any issue. In the current crisis, especially in the world of work, the toughest selections come down to choosing the most versatile candidates, capable of getting out of any situations that obstruct the production process. In the meantime, we Italians are the best in the world at what we do, always managing to get by in even seemingly impossible situations.

To this we can add more than twenty years of experience and we have Fabrizio Zampetti. Of course there are other excellent professionals in the sector, but very few have the patience or deem it worthwhile to spend so much time on their customers. Advertising agencies charge clients for time spent on telephone calls and meetings – everything! Zampetti doesn’t do this. He doesn’t check the time, he doesn’t obligate or tie in customers in any way, he never gives up and he offers reassurance that the ultimate objective will be achieved.

He has just one result in mind, which is selling, and his payment comes at the end in the form of commission. But his result in human terms, which comes from the challenge of dealing with homes and customers of the very highest calibre and price, is the other goal he really cares about and it is just as important to him as the financial and professional result.

Better call Fabrizio!