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Alessandro Leoni

Alessandro Leoni

At the age of 15, after he had stopped playing with Lego, he entered the world of construction because he was fascinating by building. This marked the start of his future career.

A diploma as a surveyor, many years of experience at major construction sites in Milan, then the big leap into the commercial world and the encounter with Fabrizio Zampetti in 2010.

An immediate professional connection that turned into a long-term relationship a few months later.

Why did he become a real estate professional?

«I wanted to do something good for Milan, my city». A premise that explains why he has chosen to work in a different way, putting customers, with their needs and dreams, at the centre of everything he does. «It’s important to talk to customers, to understand what they want. My task is to introduce them to their dream home, finding a place that is able to convey the emotion they are looking for. Today, after twenty years of experience, as soon as they enter the house I can tell from their eyes whether or not they’re feeling this emotion».

In a market where improvised figures regularly appear, the professionalism offered by this organisation has proved to be the trump card for growth and expansion, even during times of crisis. «As real estate agents, we know we have a big responsibility. We know that we’re being entrusted with people’s life savings, family heritage, the future. Our task is to do away with all the problems between customers and their dream home». The step from brick to emotion is shorter than you might imagine.

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Human Resources
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